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About Us

Sijung is a research institute established as a technology investor of Korea Standard Science Institute. We are developing not only the optical visibility meter but also the Image visibility meter based on the invested visibility meter system technology. The world's first Image visibility meter using artificial intelligence. We are trying to commercialize and have a lot of related patents.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

As the American business scholar Peter Drucker says, we want to create the paradigm of the visibility market in the future. That is the future that Sijung dreams of.



Product Good
1) A.I. visibility meter
2) Program for A.I. visibility meter

■ Product overview
Our company was established in 2016, Moved technology of Korea Standard Science Institute and Korea Astronomy Observatory to steadily promote technology development. Developed the world's first artificial intelligence image analysis method visibility meter.

Providing video using CCTV camera. Therefore, it is possible to judge the weather condition intuitively. In addition to the visibility measurement, various optional weather observation functions such as temperature, fine dust, etc. can be selected and installed.

This year it entered the domestic market by supplying to the Marine Police Agency. In the actual field, They are receiving favorable comments on the convenience and performance of his use.

■ Feature
This product is an image analysis system using CCTV. Conventional visibility system is much more advantageous in judging visibility and visibility distance information than visible distance data only by text. CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Combines deep-running approach with image frequency evaluation to obtain optimal results, accurate visual measurement using big data analysis and artificial intelligence

Currently, we do not mass-produce orders as soon as we receive orders. This product is manufactured by purchasing each part.

■ Scalability of technology
The company's system functions as a fire monitoring camera and a technology capable of simultaneously performing the role as a sensor that detects fire in case of a fire, enabling such large-scale accidents to be prevented.
Weather and safety can be monitored at the same time in places with a large floating population such as schools, hospitals, terminals, airports, as well as mountains, forests, and coastal areas. It can be used as a sensor to detect smoke and soot from chimneys in industrial complexes. The expandability of the product is endless by identifying the cause of the correction disorder.