Korea Safety Education Association

  • C.E.O Lee Okhee
  • Address 167, Simin-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Telephone number 070-4355-4710
  • FAX 031-380-6889
  • e-Mailsafety300@safetykorea.or.kr
  • Homepage safetykorea.or.kr

About Us

Korea Safety Education Association(KSEA) is an educational institutions designated by government to implement safety education and consulting to the company, government offices and school, etc. Safety professional instructors implement safety education for workers and students, lead to training for safety instructor. KSEA also implement ‘E-Learning Safety Education’ by the internet. Through KSEA’s independent ‘Smart CPR Training’ technology patent registration, production of VR safety education contents, develop fire extinguisher, etc.


Product Name

지진 가상현실(VR) 콘텐츠


Earthquake VR experience contents is a safety education contents that use VR technology indirect experience earthquake disaster situation. User can experience earthquake disaster situation by virtual videos, control the VR equipment and fully aware of how to escape from dangerous factors, the way to escape and safety rules. People of all ages can use easily, the sense of reality as if disaster happened right in front of you and its effective way to improve safety awareness.

Product Certification Details