Meteorological Climate Industry 1:1 Business consultation meeting

Overview Comprehensive business 1:1 consultation to be arranged between public purchasers and participating companies
- Shares mid- to long-term purchase plans for meteorological equipment within the institution in advance, provides consultation and proposal opportunities for various directions with purchasers
Consultation method - In advance: Submit a consultation application form via email, consult with the consultant, and coordinate the schedule
- On-site: Consultation between participating companies and counseling offices in line with the matching timetable

Key Consultation Centers in 2021

No. Organization name Intro to organizations
1 Korea Forestry Promotion Agency A forestry service agency that leads to sustainable forestry and is happy for the public and forestry
Main projects: Support for the revitalizing of mountain villages, dissemination and diffusion of forestry technologies, support for the wood industry's growth, etc.
2 Agricultural Technology Commercialization Foundation A quasi-governmental organization dedicated to the practical use of R&D achievements in the field of agricultural life science and technology
Main business: smart agriculture, technology commercialization, startup growth, seed business, etc.
3 Korea Academy of Chemical Industry and Technology Meteorological technology specialized organization that contributes to innovative growth of the meteorological industry and the benefit of the people
Main business: corporate support, overseas expansion, international cooperation, utilization and spread of weather information, etc.
4 Air Force As a unit directly under the headquarters of the Republic of Korea Air Force, the only meteorological unit
Weather forecasting (observation, analysis, production, support) is the main task