Climate Meteorological Industry 1:1 Business Consultation

  • Business 1:1 consultation on various directions including purchase of equipment, R&D and policy to be arranged between public purchasers and participating companies
  • Invite “Excellent Enterprise of Weather Management”, arrange consultation on services utilizing weather information
Venue On-line
Consultation method
  • In advance: Submit the consultation participation application form through e-mail, discuss the contents of the consultation with the consultation center, and adjust the schedule
  • *Related inquiries: Operation Secretariat 02-525-8754 / 070-4449-2576

Online Biz-matching

Overview Check information between pre-registered buyers and companies and apply for autonomous business consultation and meeting
  • Apply on the website (check the detailed schedule and consultation details)
  • Individual progress after mutual consultation with participating companies and buyers (Meeting room, Zoom, Webex, etc.)
Matching Process

*Related inquiries: Operation Secretariat 02-525-8754 / 070-4449-2576