Docent tour

Overview Plan the human traffic flow of main participating companies’ booths and proceed with a technical tour for VIP visitors and group visitors (public institutions, etc.)
Main content When tour visitors arrive, proceed with the Docent Tour according to human traffic flow (planned to run three times a day). A person in charge of each booth’s company will explain products, technologies, and services in the booth (2~3 minutes per company).

Survey results of satisfaction with the Docent Tour

Overall satisfaction percentage total
1 Very Satisfied 75% 18
2 A little Satisfied 25% 6
3 Moderate 0% 0
4 Dissatisfied 0% 0
5 ery Dissatisfied 0% 0
Total 100% 24

In 2019, “75%” of all participants of the Docent Tour responded Very Satisfied. It was a successful event!
Docent Tour Program will be further complemented and enhanced at the 2021 Korea Climate and Meteorological Industry Exhibition.

2019 Docent tour