2020 AI Convergence and Utilization Conference

Date13:00~16:00, September 23, 2020 (changeable)
Target attendees

Weather R&D Seminar

Date14:00~16:00, September 23 (fixed)
Target attendeesCompanies, related organizations, etc.
Size approx. 50 persons

Weather Management Seminar

Date15:00~17:00, September 23, 2020
Target attendeesCompanies, related organizations, etc.
Size approx. 100 persons
ContentMeteorological information service distribution strategy for spreading weather management

Workshop for Marine Weather Experts

Date10:00-17:00, September 24, 2020
Target attendeesRelated organizations, related personnel to universities
Size approx. 60 persons
ContentSharing the new technologies by maritime-related topics and discussing ways of using them

Hackathon of the national participation group to improve weather services

Date10:00-17:00, September 24, 2020
Target attendeesNational participation group
Size approx. 60 persons
ContentProposal debate by direct participation to discover policies that the people can experience

2021 Presentation of purchase plan and type approval system of Meteorological Administration’s observing stations

Date13:00-16:00, September 24, 2020
Target attendeesCompanies and personnel from related organizations
Size approx. 100 persons
ContentExplanation of the type approval system expected to be effective in April 2021

Workshop of hydrometeorological and weather drought utilization

Date10:00-12:00, September 25, 2020
Target attendeesPersonnel from agencies and related organizations
Size approx. 40 persons
ContentUtilization of the hydrometeorological and weather drought service and collection of improvement in the standards of weather drought stages

Seminar inviting the Joint Start-up Club

Date10:00~17:00, September 25, 2020 (fixed)
Target attendeesMembers of Joint Start-up Club
Size approx. 100 persons

Fostering the Meteorological industry and the energy industry

Date14:00-17:00, September 24, 2020
Target attendees-
Size approx. 100 persons
ContentEffects of meteorological industry promotion and energy industry and electric power business on meteorological changes